Presentation Tools

Everyone used PowerPoint at once, but as browsers become more capable, many presentation applications are capturing that space. Online applications has evolved in a long way, and we can create beautiful presentations and share much easier now.

Knovio: Create, Track & Share Online Presentations

By using Knovio, you will able to transform PowerPoint slides into amazing audio and video presentations. Knovio takes the concept of video slides to new level, letting you access the videos from anywhere, anytime, and share it with your friends and acquaintances through social media and email.


Knovio is a great alternative to the classic video presentations, because it is capable to turn your simple PowerPoint presentation into a great, entertaining video that will blow audience away! Browsers these days are way more capable than they ever were, so apps become more and more detailed and useful. Knovio is easy to use, has great tools and the best part about it is that is absolutely free! It functions exclusively as an online application where anyone can edit, improve and share their videos!

Knovio is truly a great tool to use if you need help with your PowerPoint or if you want to impress an audience. You can add audio to your slides and make your presentations look more beautiful and more interesting without much effort! It can be used in several environments, both at home or in classrooms, or you can try it if you need to present a video in a place where you cannot be in.


Knovio encourages you to tell a story with your PowerPoint presentations, without much effort. Pick from many tools, explain concepts, share ideas, sell products, teach courses, and practice your work.


Knovio is great because is free and benefits of many useful tools you can try to enhance your video, and make it better for your audience. Knovio can help you achieve tangible results fast!


It is a web-based application, which means it can be only used while online. This is a weak point if you need to use the app without being connected to Internet.


Knovio is a very useful web application that can be used when you need to improve a video and transform simple PowerPoint presentations into great work. Plus you can share ideas, selling products etc. You can do it all with the help of Knovio, a free and very useful online application! Online drawback is it can be used via internet only.