Appsala.com provides you reliable and to the point reviews of popular web applications. Since it's arranged by category, you can read and compare web application for a particular use and take an intelligent decision on which one to use for to solve your problems. Appsala is not just a review site though. You can actually use it to keep track of the applications you use and also would like to try sometime. You can also save lot of money and time by get notifications before payment.
We have taken a conscious decision not to allow customer reviews. More often than not, customer reviews throw in more confusion than solve the problems. People have different expectations and outlooks, and sometimes individual experience may differ from overall situation. So instead of providing just customer reviews, we are providing expert reviews after scrutinizing every aspect of the web applications. We also provide ratings so that you can do a quick comparison without going through details. For members (it's free) we have added options to keep track the web applications. If you are using a web application, you can keep the payment information so that you get notifications before actual payment occurs. There are many instances where we subscribe, but then forgets about it. You can also add application you would like to use to your wishlist, and if some applications are not in your radar, you can even flag it as 'not for me'.
There are many websites who provides reviews only to make commission by affiliate links. We don't add any affiliate links and all our reviews are only to help our visitors and members. To be frank, we don't have any revenue model at the moment, the only intention is to help people to save time and money by creating an app store for web applications. It started from an issue we always face, so that could be an issue with you too. You can help us by word of mouth publicity and sharing with social media friends and reviewing our website in your blogs.